Developmental Pathways and Contexts of Life

Coordinator: Paulo César Azevedo Dias

The research group aims to study human development as a multi-linear and multidimensional process that allows for many individual pathways that influence and are influenced by the life contexts.

For its implementation, two research projects are proposed: “Health: psychosocial and behavioural factors”, and “Education and social inclusion”.

Project 1. Health: psychosocial and behavioral factors
. factors that explain health and diseases processes; and to contribute to the development of specific evidence-based interventions.

Project 2. Education and social inclusion
. potential of the educative process as a determinant in the promotion of the individual adjustment and social inclusion.

Overall objectives are:

. explore the explanatory factors of personal health, focusing on behavior change and health promotion;
. study the role of determinants of adjustment and social inclusion;
. develop preventive intervention programs in the context of health and education and promoting skills