Foundations, Rationalities and Society in Contemporary Times

Research Group in Philosophy

Coordinator: Yolanda Espiña

Overall objective of this Research Group is to analyze the contributions of philosophical and scientific knowledge as well as aesthetical-artistic dimensions to an integral accomplishment of human Person in contemporary Society. Topics of development are Nature in dialogue with science, philosophy and theology, questioning the significance of the sacred in post-secular thought; relationship to aesthetics and artistic creation, as a way of bridging nature and culture as significant expressions of contemporaneity.

The Research Group is developing two main Projects:

Project 1: Sacred, Rationality(ies), and Community(ies)
Understanding of Nature, causality, complex systems; religious factors, post-secular thought, relativism and ethical values, inclusive societies

Project 2: Aesthetics, Arts, and Human Realization
Aesthetical experience, culture and thought and humanization; contemporary artistic creation; artistic patrimony; art and education

Main objectives are:
· evaluate new mechanisms of top/down and bottom/up causality within the dialogue between philosophy, science and religion;
· question the ethical relativism and pluralism, from an updated understanding of ethical and social dimension of the human person;
· deepen into the current contribution of the aisthesis experience and relationship with art and cultural heritage to the full process of humanization in today’s society.